Live Sessions

Live Q&A's With Three Headed Hound Trainers

Group chats with the trainers to keep you on track!

Why sign up for Q&A Sessions?

We are here to provide the support you need to accomplish all your training goals! By adding Q&A sessions to your courses you can:

Speak Directly To Our Trainers 

Three Headed Hound trainers are available twice a week in a group live chat format to answer any training or canine-related questions you may have!

Access Individualized Training Plans

We know that every handler-canine team has different needs, and during Q&A sessions our highly-educated trainers are able to tailor training advice to your unique circumstances.

Show Up At Your Own Comfort Level

There is no need to be on camera if you don't want to. There are chat features to type out questions, audio options to speak with trainers off camera, or you can opt to be on video and speak with the trainers face-to-face.

Learn From Your Peers

Many handlers comment that listening to other people's questions helps them learn, and we can provide a better support network by working together as a community. 

Review Q&A's Anytime

All Q&A's are recorded and accessible anytime. This means you can review material again to absorb it better, or catch up on Q&A's so you never miss out on additional information. 

Reach Your Training Goals Faster!

Our trainers are working together to track your progress, and to ensure that you are on the most efficient path to success! 


Q&A With The Trainers

Q & A sessions are held for 1 hour, twice a week. You are welcome to attend all sessions that work for your schedule, but it's recommended to attend at least once a week.

Sessions are held:

Mondays at 4PM CST


Thursdays at 7PM CST

Course Pricing

Live Q&A With Three Headed Hound Trainers

$50 USD

per month

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